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Lead Paint Certified Contractor

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has new lead paint laws that went into affect on April 22, 2010. The new lead paint laws require any renovation work performed on houses built before 1978 to be performed by a certified contractor. If your home or property was built before 1978 there is a chance that lead paint is present, possibly even in the soil that surrounds your property. Making a home with lead paint safe for its inhabitants involves jumping an almost endless number of hurdles but John Gregoras Paper Hanging & Painting is prepared to take on this challenge to assure safety to the people who come into contact with the contaminated property.

John Gregoras Paper Hanging & Painting is certified to test your home or property for lead paint and make your home or property safe for the people who come into contact with it. We have made the investment of sending our crew leaders to special training to guarantee our ability to protect our clients and employees. To make your home safe we follow procedures specified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). EPA procedures ensure that lead contamination does not spread, is properly disposed of, and properly contained for your safety.

The presence of lead paint is not an issue to take lightly especially if children are involved. Lead paint can only be properly contained by trained, certified, professionals. The price of removing and containing lead contamination may be high but the health risks of not doing the work are higher. If lead paint is your problem John Gregoras Paper Hanging & Painting is your solution.


  • Power washing with bleach or biodegradable soaps.
  • Scraping of loose paint and debris.
  • Complete sanding of all trouble spots to bare wood.
  • Double prime with slow dry quality oil base primer.
  • Filling of nail holes.
  • Caulking of all joints where siding meets trim.
  • Application of quality primers, paints and stains such as Benjamin Moore, California Paints, Cabots and Sikkens.
  • Exterior Paint Stripping.
  • Lead certified contractor.

LICENSE # WC-23932-H11
CT LICENSE # HIC.0631191

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