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Crown Moldings, Chair Rails & Wainscoting Installation

You can easily enhance any rooms appearance with fine details like crown moldings, chair rails or wainscoting.

Crown moldings usually run along the wall at the ceiling and come in a wide range of sizes and patterns. Crowns soften the transition from wall to ceiling while adding a distinctive look and charm to the room.

Chair rails have a decorative and practical function. Applied to a wall anywhere from 24 to 48 inches from the floor, they are a beautiful accent to the room — whether running horizontally to form a wainscot look or to protect the wall from scuffs and dents from the backs of chairs.

Wainscoting is trim work installed in the area below a chair rail. There are numerous options available including raised panel, shadow box and beaded ceiling. Combined with a chair rail and baseboard, wainscoting creates a dramatic look to any room.

Work was great and as expected very friendly staff and highly accommodating. We use him for every paint job and would highly recommend him.

– Luisa, North Salem, NY

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